What we wish to offer is an innovative approach, providing new ideas, knowing of the brand attributes and the customers expectations as intended. We are not competitors, rather helpdesk. OneFace that knows how to help to succeed.

Post production broker

Case study, mood video animatics, everything what is necessary for a successful tender. Festival entries, research materials to be used, and anything that moves, colorful and no one is able to be carried out within the company. We will find out the most suitable and best priced subcontractor.

Idea factory

Our team can be mobilized immediately and they are continuously monitored. We operate this special network of artists and public personalities, mostly outsiders, but with fresh eyes and ideas, all original personalities. That is the reason we can approach the brief an usual way, the ideas are much more innovative, interesting, and more autenthic. We are thinking out of the box.

Film marketing

We offer complex solutions from the very beginning, when the idea of the film was just born. We compile the professionally smart tender documents, help with ingenious and effective product placements and support the successful implementation and promotion of the movie by developing creative materials.

We are absolutely comfortable with agency and client communications. Knowing the parties’ expectations we undertake supervision of work processes, quality control and management tasks. There is no need for another staff member. Quite a face. OneFace.